Your apps can make HTTP requests to InControl to programmatically access and control devices and scenes. This is optional and not required for typical users of InControl.

How to use this API documentation

Throughout this documentation you'll find a list of commands that can be accessed through various HTTP methods. The command will contain an HTTP verb and the command URL. This comand URL should be appended to your InControl server's base URL. In some cases, you may see a command that contains {password}, which should be replaced in it's entirety -- including the brackets -- with the server password as defined in your InControl options page.

Example command:  PUT /setDevicePower

In the above example, you see the HTTP verb of PUT and the command named /setDevicePower

How to find your Base URL

If you were accessing your the API from the same computer where InControl is installed, you could use the following base URL: http://localhost:1187/zwave. If you are accessing it from a computer on your network, you'll need to find your InControl IP address; in normal scenarios, you'll want to make sure your IP is setup as static so that it doesn't change.

For example, if your IP address is and you want to set device power, which specifies that you should "PUT /setDevicePower", then you'd build your HTTP request to use the following URL:

Note: Port 1178 is setup in your InControl Tools/Options screen.