Advanced Scene Options


Version 3.34 screen shots show here.

This page allows for advanced scene option setup. Settings these values allows you to customize how the scene device behaves. In the example shown here, the device target level (see screen shot at end of document) is set to 100%. When the scene is activated, the start level will be set to 0 and the device will change level toward the target once every 2 seconds until the light is at 100%. Since abort sequence is checked, InControl will stop adjusting the level if someone manually turns the light off or adjusts it.

No Change

If checked, then the associated scene device will not change to any value when the scene is activated. This can be used in scenes where the device level should just be reported on instead of changed.

Set Start Level

When checked, this causes the scene device to be set to the designated start level before adjusting the light to the target level.

Start Delay

If you wish you delay how soon the device starts to adjust, you can put a delay in here. A delay of 10,000 would be 10 seconds and if set this way, would cause the device to wait 10 seconds before starting to adjust towards the target level set in the scene.

Time between level changes

If a value exists here, then each 'tick' in the level will delay for this time. For example, if you had your scene device's target level set to 100% and a delay of 2000 entered in this field, your light would go from 0 to 100% over a timespan of 200 seconds.  In other words, to go from level 0 to 1 would take 2 seconds. From 1 to 2 would take another 2 seconds, etc. until the light is at 100%.

Abort sequence when unexpected level

If the InControl expects a light to be at 30%, but someone has manually turned it off or adjusted it, you can abort the sequence by checking this box. Otherwise, InControl will continue to set values on the light until the target has been hit.