Device Properties

Device Properties is accessed by double clicking on a device from the InControl console.

Device Name

This describes the device. The value provided here will be used throughout InControl and on the mobile devices.

Queued Commands

If the device is battery powered, often commands will be queued up. In order to release the queue, the device must wake up and send a notification to the USB stick. For complete functionality, you must generally associate the device to the usb stick. See Device Associations for more details.

Short Id

This is the short id of the device. This id is sometimes used in scripting.

Sleeping Device

Batter operated devices are typically considered sleeping devices. 

Last Communication

This is the last time the device sent a command to the USB stick or controller.

Poll Device

If checked, notifies the controller to request the current state of the device. With polling on, InControl will be able to ask the device what its current state is. If for example you poll a light that is manually activated, InControl will poll that light and update the status to show the light as on.

Smart Route Polls

Some controllers are able to use automatic routing (such as z-wave controllers) when sending polls. This command can help poll requests reach the target device in spread out z-wave networks; however, it should be used with caution as it can lead to USB stick "hold" times when the target device is out of optimal range.


If not checked, the device will be hidden.

Enable Level Logging

When enabled, all level changes of a device will be logged. Logs can be viewed by right clicking a device and choosing "View Level Report."

Hide on Mobile Devices

When checked, the device will be invisible to mobile phone devices (Android, iOS, etc.)

Audit Device

An audited device will create logfile.txt entries about most communication events. This is useful for tracking down communication issues to a device. After enabling or disabling audits, you must restart the InControl service (go offline/online).

Enable Device Push Updates

If you disable push updates, certain features on the Android phone will not function, such as Device Status Widgets. In cases where a device updates frequently, you may consider disabling this as it will save the battery life of your Android device.

Queue Commands Until Wakeup

If you have a device that sleeps, such as a battery powered sensor, you can check this option and the "Poll device" option to safely poll a device when it wakes up. This option is also required for the Danfoss radiator thermostat.

Mark this device offline when polls fail

When a device fails to poll 10 times with no response, it will be marked offline. 

Never Use Secure Communication

This will cause the device to communicate using regular non-secured radio signals.