Device Associations

Device Associations - Device associations is a Z-Wave term that allows devices to be associated with other devices. This is most commonly used to associate sensors with lights and other z-wave devices.  

When a sensor or battery operated device is associated with the USB Controller, the USB controller will be notified of changes in the sensor almost immediately. These types of associations are important and required to enable rules and events to trigger when a sensor changes state.

In some cases, extra information such as humidity, light levels and battery reports require associations in order for InControl to receive them.

These instructions will talk specifically about battery powered devices but associations for other devices is much the same except for the steps about waking up a device.

First, you should be prepared with your device manual. You'll need to know how to wake up the device to receive instructions from InControl since without this wakeup, the device will ignore commands being sent to it.

  1. Make sure you are using the z-wave beta controller (Tools/Options)
  2. Select the device you wish to be associated. For example, you might select your motion sensor
  3. If applicable, wake up your device (as per your instruction manual), then QUICKLY do step #4
  4. Click the "Associations" button (requires InControl Standard or Pro)
  5. A list of devices should load up. If it takes more than a handful of seconds you probably didn't get it woken up properly
  6. If applicable, wake up your device again, then QUICKLY continue to step #7
  7. Select the USB stick/controller that InControl connects to
  8. Close the window
  9. Repeat steps 2-5 to verify that the USB stick is checked when the list of devices loads. If it does not, verify your wakeup sequence with your device manufacture and try again.