Add Device

Adds a device to the scene. 

Add Pause 

Add a pause by clicking the "Arrow" next to "Add Device" and then select the "Add Pause" item. A pause will put a delay in your scene execution allowing you to perform advanced tasks.

Add Http Command

See Http Command window for details.

Add Send Notification Command

This command allows you to send a notification message to your smart phone when the scene is activated. To send the current level or status of a device, you can use InControl substitution text in the title and body of your notification.

After you run InControl for the first time, your push ID will automatically be registered with your server. To confirm this, visit the tools/options/push device window.

Note: This requires the paid version of the Android and Apple app (coming soon).

Add Send Email Command

Access this option by clicking the arrow next to the "Add Device..." button. Use this command to send email during scene activation. This requires that you have your SMTP server configured in the Tools/Options menu. 

Post/Pre Script

If you have a specific script you'd like to run, you can enter it into the Post/Pre script box. Pre scripts will run prior to the scene activation, while Post scripts will run at the end of your scene.

Assign activation button

If you have a remote that is capable of controlling scenes, you can program a button on that device to activate this scene. See Remote Control Button for more details.

Remove Device 

Select a device and click this button to remove it from the scene.

Visible to Mobile

When checked, the scene will be visible on mobile devices; otherwise it will not show up in mobile device lists. This is only valid for mobile apps version 2+.


Enabled scenes will function normally. To disable a scene's triggers, de-select this box.


See Triggers & Conditions.

Rename Scene

To rename a scene, put your mouse cursor over the name of the scene on the details pane, as outlined below in the screen shot.