This page is accessible using the Tools/Options menu within InControl.


Z-Wave Controller

This allows for the configuration of your controller interface -- usually a USB stick. 

Controller Type allows you to select the type of controller you'll be using with InControl.

  • ThinkStick is for use with the Leviton ControlThink ThinkStick. When in use, do not check "Use Beta Z-Wave Controller"
  • Com Port is the most common type of controller; if your USB stick shows up as a COM port in your hardware manager then this is the type of controller you need
  • Gateway is used with the ControlThink library. It's only partially supported by the old ControlThink libraries and should generally not be used.

Com Port is used in conjuction with the Com Port Controller Type. Find your COM port in your system's hardware manager.

Security Key is the key that your z-wave controller will use to send secured communications to devices like door locks and garage door openers. This key must remain the same; if you change it you will need to exclude and re-include all your secure devices.

Gateway IP Address and Port are used in conjuction with the Gateway controller type.

Use Beta Z-Wave Controller should generally always be selected when using the Com Port controller type. This provides advanced functionality needed to communicate with most z-wave devices.




This allows you to link your copy of InControl to the InControlHa.Com servers. Many features require this, such as push notifications.


Server Requires Password provides an extra layer of security by requiring that your connected phone clients use a password. The password here is the Server Password requested by the Axial Mobile.

Web API Port & Direct Connect Port are ports used by your server. This ports numbers must be unique.

Attempt to re-send commands on failure will instruct the InControl server to re-send commands if they fail. If you have a z-wave device that isn't in optimal range, this can help ensure that it receives the command.

Mail Settings

If you want to send email using InControl, you'll need to setup your mail server.

Push Devices

Devices showing up here are authorized to receive push notifications when you setup scene push notifications. These entries will automatically show up when you run the Android or iOS application. Note that only the paid versions of the application support this feature.


Temperature Display Preference allows you to specify Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Your Latitude and Longitude serve as a way for InControl to calculate the sunrise and sunset in your area.

Run as a Service allows InControl to continue running even after a reboot or while your GUI is turned off. Service control can be turned on and off using the button in the lower right hand corner (online/offline).