Push Notifications

InControl supports two types of push notifications. Widget pushes and classic push notifications.


  1. To setup pushes, verify that your phone has self-registered a push ID by going to your InControl server and viewing the Tools/Options/Push Device list. You should see a push ID registered for your device. InControl re-registeres the push id each time you restart the app, so feel free to remove registered push devices and restart the InControl app if you need determine if your phone is registered. If you find that your push id is not being registered, you should verify that you are using the paid version of the phone app.
  2. Your InControl server must be linked to the InControlHa.com server. To do this, go to Tools/Options/InControlHa.com, enter your username and password, then click Login.
  3. Login to InControlHa.com and verify you have notifications remaining for the month.


Widget Pushes

Widget pushes are used to update home screen widgets on your Android device. When you add a widget to your home screen, it will display the current known value of the device. It'll update the widget via push notifications. Using a widget with a frequently changing device -- like motion sensors in very populated areas of your home -- may impact battery life on your phone.

To set this feature up, you must also double click the device inside your InControl server and enable "Push updates."

Classic Push Notifications

A class push notification is a notification that will show up in your device's notification center with information you customize. These types of notifications are only sent via scene activations. For details, visit Scene Notification Setup.