Recovery Mode: Resetting your USB stick but saving scenes and other settings

Recovery mode is useful if you find you need to reset your z-wave controller and re-include all your devices again. It allows you to maintain your current scenes, triggers and other device-specific settings. 


You should enable recovery mode before you reset your z-stick. This will mark all your current z-wave devices as "original" devices. As you start to include new devices into your network, InControl will prompt you to select your original device and match it up to your newly included device. 


1) Enter recovery mode by visiting Tools/Z-Wave Commands/Enter Recovery Mode

This will cause all your z-wave devices to be switched to recovery mode. Once in recovery mode they will no longer function as a z-wave device -- in other words, you will not be able to control the device from InControl. After you complete the recovery process, the device will once again be controllable.

2) After you've entered recovery mode, your devices will be listed with an "(R)" in the name to indicate that the device is in recovery mode. 

3) Reset your USB stick or insert your new USB stick.

4) Start including your devices.

PRO TIP: Only add a room of devices at a time, then match those devices up to their matching device. This helps keep your list of new devices manageable.

5) Match your devices by clicking "Match recovered devices"

This will bring up a list of all newly included device and let you choose the original device that it should replace. Remember, your original device is named with an "(R)" in the name.