Using Axial Control as a secondary Controller

If you wish to use Axial Control as a secondary controller to another hub, you can do so by adding your USB stick to the main controller's network.  As a secondary controller, Axial Control will be able to control all z-wave devices known by the main controller. Here's how to do that:

  1. Download Zensys Tools
  2. Right click the zip, choose properties then make sure it's "Unblocked" by clicking on the unblock button
  3. Extract all files inside the zip to a separate folder
  4. Go Offline by clicking the online/offline button in the lower right hand corner of your Axial Server program
  5. Start ZWaveController.exe from the folder where you extracted the Zensys tools
  6. Go to "Categories" settings and choose your usb stick
  7. Put your main controller/hub into "add device" or "include mode"
  8. In ZWaveController, click the lightning bolt icon found under the controller tab on the right hand part of the program

Once complete, your USB stick should function as a secondary controller.