Remove a Failed Device

Sometimes devices may fail and can't be removed using the regular exclusion method. In these cases, you'll need to use a 3rd party tool to remove the failed device. 

  1. Download Zensys Tools
  2. Right click the zip, choose properties then make sure it's "Unblocked" by clicking on the unblock button
  3. Extract all files inside the zip to a separate folder
  4. Go Offline by clicking the online/offline button in the lower right hand corner of your InControl program
  5. Start ZWaveController.exe from the folder where you extracted the Zensys tools
  6. Go to "Categories" settings and choose your main controller
  7. Select the device you wish to remove
  8. Click the "Remove Failed" icon. Note that if your window isn't large enough, it'll be hidden in the over-flow.